Are your products handmade?

Yes. All our products are carefully made by experienced hands from genuine leather that has gone through the extremely intricate process.

Unnabi’s takes prestige in its handcrafted products built from finest leather available. All the components like selection, designing, cutting, stitching and what not – all is done by hands to make sure you get the best memories whether you use the product yourself or give it as a gift to your friend or loves ones.

What type of leather is used in your products?

We exclusively utilize the finest leathers sourced from esteemed tanneries, both within Pakistan and abroad.

Our commitment to using these premium materials is rooted in our dedication to crafting products of exceptional longevity, enduring durability, and timeless allure.

Each skin and hide selected for our creations undergoes a meticulous curation process, wherein we prioritize qualities such as longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It’s important to note that the natural creases and marks found on our leathers are not flaws but rather inherent characteristics that enhance their unique charm and authenticity.

Our leather products are meticulously designed to transcend the ephemeral and are intended to serve you for years to come. As they age gracefully, telling the story of your unique journey while retaining their enduring quality and character. We take immense pride in offering you not just products, but lifelong companions that exemplify the highest standards of craftsmanship and style.

Can I customize products for my personal taste?

Yes, following can be done for customized orders:

  1. Engrave your name on the wallet, laptop bags or others in golden or silver colour.
  2. Payment needs to be made in advance for engraving your name.
  3. Name engraving is not available for COD (Cash on Delivery) orders.

Is the product same physically as shown on the website?

We try to display products on our website as best and accurate as possible. Physical product might differ sometimes from what is shown on the website depending on your phone colours, screen accuracy, our camera, lighting and setting.

Difference in grain and colour variation could occur as it is a natural material. We guarantee the leather products will be genuine and our return policy protects you through that.